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  Sky+ records major new channel ITV3
  Posted on Tuesday 2nd November 2004 by Callum MacFarlane
Digital Spy forum users were reporting teething problems with major new channel ITV3 which unexpectedly joined the Sky line up yesterday.

However the initial Electronic Programme Guide quirks appear to be fixed now.

See the screenshots below to see ITV3 in action on Sky+

Thank you to Hughie for the screenshots.

  Sky+ designer boxes make a pretty picture
  Posted on Thursday 28th October 2004 by Callum MacFarlane
Sky has teamed up with a load of UK fashion designers to produce some nice limited edition boxes. Good news if your tired of the stacks of silver boxes that are piling up under your TV.

Matthew Williamson, Cath Kidston, Neisha Crosland, Wale Adeyemi and Eley Kishimoto worked on the designs.

The boxes are on sale from Monday 8th November, and they're bound to sell out in about 6 seconds because they cost the same as a standard box - £199 + standard installation.

They're on sale exclusively in Selfridges Oxford Street, Selfridges Birmingham Bull Ring and Selfridges Manchester Trafford.

Call TechZone at Selfridges on 0207 318 3688 to order yours.

(Details from press release):

Highlights of the collection include:

Dragonfly by Matthew Williamson, "Creating a gorgeous environment at home should be as important as wearing beautiful clothes. I love watching TV and am using my designs to change the cosmetics of Sky+ into something feminine and stylish. My Dragonfly design is simple and chic and softens the hardness of the Sky+ box."

Flower Print by Cath Kidston, "The combination of colours on my classic flower print Sky+ box design will modernise any living room" •French Knot by Neisha Crosland, "Fashion constantly recycles, and retro designs and classic patterns are enjoying a real renaissance at the moment. The most effective way to revive these designs is to reproduce them in a unique and innovative format such as on the Sky+ box."

Rainbow Graffiti by Wale Adeyemi, "I wanted to create a design for Sky+ that not only highlights my signature urban style, but provides notable originality, taking what is at the heart of my collection from the street and the catwalk straight into the living room."

  Sky+ 160 - £100 off offer - until 8th November
  Posted on Thursday 28th October 2004 by Callum MacFarlane
Digital Spy website is advertising a special offer on the new Sky+160 unit.

The potential saving to be made is £100. With the cost of the unit being reduced from £399 to £299. Installation charges are £60 extra if you are a current subscriber and dont take multiroom. If you do take multiroom the charge is waived. New subscribers to Sky pay no installation

To take advantage of this special offer, call Sky now - New Subscribers please call 08705 800 874 and existing subscribers please call 08702 405 038 and quote the code DSPY160. This offer is only available until the 8th November 2004.

Click on this link to go to the Digital Spy Sky+160 offer page.

  Sky+ paid to watch the adverts?
  Posted on Thursday 28th October 2004 by Callum MacFarlane
Loyalty cards idea for TV addicts

The BBC are reporting today that over seven million homes of Sky Viewers could soon be rewarded for watching TV as loyalty cards come to a screen near you.

Any household hooked up to Sky could soon be using smartcards in conjunction with their set-top boxes.

Broadcasters such as Sky and ITV could offer viewers loyalty points in return for watching a particular channel, programme or advertisement.

Sky will activate a spare slot on set-top boxes in January, marketing magazine New Media Age reported.

TV pocket-money Sky set-top boxes have two slots. One is for the viewer's decryption card, while the other has been dormant until now.

Loyalty cards have become a common addition to most wallets, as High Street brands rush to keep customers with a series of incentives offered by store cards. Now similar schemes look set to enter the highly competitive world of multi-channel TV.

Viewers who stay loyal to a particular TV channel could be rewarded by free TV content or freebies from retail partners. Broadcasters aiming content at children could offer smartcards which gives membership to exclusive content and clubs. "Parents could pre-pay for some content, as a kind of TV pocket money card," said Nigel Whalley, managing director of media consultancy Decipher.

Viewers could even be rewarded for watching ad breaks, with ideas such as ad bingo being touted by firms keen to make money out of the new market, said Mr Whalley.

Credit cards that have been chipped could be used in set-top boxes to pay for movies, gambling and gaming. "The idea of an intelligent card in boxes offers a lot of possibilities.

It will be down to the ingenuity of the content players," said Mr Whalley. For the BBC, revenue-generating activity will be of little interest but the new development may prompt changes to Freeview set-top boxes, said Mr Whalley.

Currently most Freeview boxes do not have a slot which would allow viewers to use a smartcard.

Some 7.4 million households have Sky boxes and Sky is hoping to increase this to 10 million by 2010.

Loyalty cards could play a role in this, particularly in reducing the number of people who cancel their Sky subscriptions, said Ian Fogg, an analyst with Jupiter Research.

  Sky+ Interactive recording screenshots
  Posted on Tuesday 5th October 2004 by Callum MacFarlane
Screenshots of UEFA Champions League interactive action, including recording and cancellation of recordings, kindly captured and sent in by Hughie.

Click on any individual picture to see full size picture in new window.

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